Luxury Ocean View Suite


The Luxury Ocean View Suite, as the name suggests, is more than just a room. This room is designed to bring the outdoors in. There are 13 doors that allow guests to sleep virtually al fresco with lovely views of the Caribbean Sea on one side and the gardens on the other. Imagine going to sleep on our luxury, hand-made, four-poster king-sized bed with the calming sounds of the waves and waking up in comfort to the sounds of birds and nature all around.

And if you’re looking for romance, then the Luxury Ocean View Suite is ideal for you. With its own private garden and secluded balcony overlooking the ocean, you can have a truly romantic evening watching the sunset or getting lost in the vastness of the stars above.

The master bedroom doesn’t merely have a bathroom. We call it a ‘bath house’. Here’s why. The bath house is a separate pavilion adjoining the bedroom. It’s almost as large as the bedroom itself. And when you step into the shower, you’re actually stepping out onto an open-air, hanging ‘deck’ overlooking the ocean to give you a completely outdoor experience (no roof or walls here, just fresh air and amazing vistas). And although it’s ‘outdoors’ you still have the luxury of hot and cold water.

Villa Amenities