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The Heartwarming Celebration of Tobago’s Harvest

In the lush landscapes of Tobago, where the hills roll gently into fertile plains, there lies a tradition as rich and vibrant as the land itself. Tobago Harvest is a celebration that’s not just about the yield of the soil, but about the yield of human connection, community, and culture.

Imagine a world where the simple act of harvesting transcends agriculture and becomes a tradition of unity. This is what Tobago offers. Each village, from Pembroke to Plymouth, from Castara to Charlotteville, has its own unique celebration, marking the calendar with a series of events that are as diverse as they are heartwarming.

A One-of-a-Kind Experience

The Tobago Harvest experience is one of a kind. You’re greeted by a range of colors and flavors. The air is rich with the scent of succulent mangoes, golden bananas, earthy sweet potatoes, and yams. Each fruit, each vegetable, is not just a product of the land; it’s a symbol of Tobago’s agricultural prowess, a testament to the dedication and love poured into the soil.

But the Harvest is more than just a showcase of produce. It’s a time when villages come alive with laughter, music, and the tantalizing aroma of traditional Tobagonian dishes. It’s a sensory feast, where the taste of freshly prepared food creates a bond that transcends time and space. Families reunite, friends gather, and strangers become part of the extended community, all sharing in the joy of a successful harvest.

What to Expect

Experience Tobago Harvest Festival at Being Estate Villas

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The vibrant celebration of local culture, music, and, of course, the diverse array of fresh harvest offerings makes the Tobago Harvest a memorable experience. The lively atmosphere, friendly locals, and delicious food truly showcased the richness of Tobago’s agricultural heritage.

It’s a must-attend for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the island’s unique flavors and traditions.

– Joie-Marie Poon-Angeron

The Tobago Harvest Festival Calendar

The Harvest Festival calendar is a tapestry of events, each village celebrating its harvest day with unique customs and festivities. From the Pembroke Harvest Festival in January to the Plymouth Harvest Festival in December, each event is an opportunity to experience the island’s rich cultural heritage and communal spirit.

Here is the calendar of harvest celebrations in the different villages of Tobago to help you plan your next trip:


Village(s) Celebrating Harvest Festival


Pembroke, Parlatuvier, Spring Garden, Besetha, St. Patrick


Hope, Adelphi, Buccoo, Bon Accord, Franklyn


Mt. St. George


Charlotteville, Goodwood


Belle Garden, Mason Hall, Whim Garden, Delaford Hall


Bloody Bay, Roxborough, Lambeau


Castara, Tobago Heritage Festival (mid-July to early August)




Patience Hill


Black Rock, Les Couteaux, Moriah, Scarborough, Mt. Gomery



Experience Tobago Harvest Festival at Being Estate Villas