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Villa Being offers a location away from the major tourism centre of Tobago ensuring complete privacy, while allowing you to enjoy all the activities that Tobago has to offer – scuba diving, golf, snorkelling, nature walks, bird watching, tennis and much more.

Beach Hop

There are many beaches in Tobago to choose from – Pigeon Point and Store Bay are the popular ones in the main tourism hot spot of Crown Point. If you’re looking for somewhere less crowded then we recommend one of the beaches in the North. Castara and English Man’s Bay are two of our favourite spots.

But if you want an ultra private beach then our nearest beach, Turtle Bay, is the best option. The walk takes no more than about 7 minutes, and it is well worth it. You will almost always have this beach to yourselves, and it offers wonderful swimming and an untouched reef for snorkeling. At certain times of the year, usually in between April and August, Leatherback Turtles come to lay their eggs on this beach, particularly at night.

Go Snorkelling

The nearby ‘private’ beach (Turtle bay) provides ideal snorkeling. Turtle Bay offers wonderful swimming and an untouched reef for snorkeling. There’s also amazing snorkeling at the famous Arnos Vale beach, just 12 minutes’ walk away from the villa.

We provide complimentary use of snorkeling gear at the villa. Our gear is top-of-the-line National Geographic equipment and we can all sizes.

Be One With Nature

The little path that goes from the Villa to Culloden makes for a beautiful nature walk. You will be able to observe all kinds of birds, lizards, and other animals and a variety of flora fauna. Before starting the ascent to Culloden you will cross a small river with a natural spring.

The village of Culloden is small and secluded and about as untouched by tourism as they get in Tobago. CJ will be able to tell you a lot more about it and even give you a guided tour if you wish. He is very knowledgeable.

Play Golf

The award-winning, Mt. Irvine Bay Golf Course is an 18-hole course carved out from 127 acres of an old sugar estate. Established since 1968, the course is set within a gently rolling countryside along Tobago’s northwest coastline, and features an abundance of coconut trees and breathtaking views of the sea.

Want to play a few rounds but don’t want to travel with all of your equipment? No worries, you can rent clubs and other equipment at the course’s golf shop. Caddies and carts can be provided as well. Just let us know what you want and we will call ahead and make the arrangements for you.

Horseback Riding

In collaboration with Being With Horses, we are pleased offer you horseback riding. Located at Buccoo, Being With Horses offers the rider to be one with the horse. No saddles required. Take a quick class on how to ride horses and spend an hour or so riding the horse along the beach. Get the opportunity to feed them and even give them a bath. This experience is truly holistic. Being With Horses believes that the horse must be left to roam freely in order for it to be both physically and mentally fit. A happy horse makes for a happy rider.

Hike to Waterfalls

One of the best waterfall hikes in Tobago is the Argyle Waterfall Trail. This treck is just 15 minutes and can be done by just about anyone. It’s a very easy hike. You can choose from three swimming ponds, one at three different levels. While it is easy to get to the main pond at the base, getting to the other two levels is for the adventurous.

Rent a vehicle and go on your own or get a special guided tour from a local guide.

Experience the Rain Forest

Tobago, with its steep hills, rugged trails, verdant forests, and towering waterfalls is a hiker’s and biker’s dream. Tobago is home to the oldest protected forest in the western hemisphere (since 1776).

Deep within this untouched rainforest are winding trails, cascading waterfalls, rugged paths and heart-pumping tracks waiting for the adventurous to explore.

You can rent mountain bikes at very reasonable prices from a number of suppliers or you can book our preferred tour guide Harris, a.k.a. ‘Jaws’ whose energy and enthusiasm alone make the experience worthwhile.

Enjoy Nightlife

If you’re in the mood to enjoy Tobago’s nightlife, don’t worry, there are quite a few places to choose from – bars, restaurants, clubs, casinos and open-air party venues are all available in Tobago. Most of these places are situated near Crown Point or in the Island’s capital city of Scarborough. Have a chat with CJ who will be happy to make suitable recommendations depending on what your mood is.

Walk to the Nearest Village

The little path that goes from the Villa to Culloden also makes for a beautiful walk. You will be able to observe all kinds of birds, lizards, sometimes snakes (none are poisonous in Tobago) and fauna. The village of Culloden is small and secluded and about as untouched by tourism as they get. CJ will be able to tell you a lot more about it and even give you a guided tour if you wish. He is very knowledgeable.

Get A Massage

Villa Being provides the perfect environment for relaxation and rejuvenation. And if you want an extra touch of pampering, then arrange a massage from the best in Tobago. Revive your drooping spirit, awaken your senses and enliven your body.

Get a massage al fresco in the gardens or by the pool, accompanied by the soothing sounds of the waves caressing the nearby shores; and inhale the revitalising aromas of nature.

Give us your body for a couple of days and we guarantee to give you back your peace of mind. Don’t take our word for it. Make an appointment and experience it for yourself. 

Enjoy Stargazing

Being is miles away from the major city life and offers the ideal environment for star gazing. The night sky is open and unpolluted by artificial city lights. And the tranquil surroundings make for a romantic or relaxing experience under the blanket of the stars.

Our Being Sculpture is built in line with the cardinal points, so finding the North Star is easy. Search for Orion’s belt, or marvel at the beauty of Venus using our state-of-the-art telescope that’s provided for you complimentary use while you stay with us.


Meditate in Peace

No Noise; No Hurry; No Worry, that’s our promise to you. Enter the temple of the Sky and Sea and reconnect with your inner being. Whether it’s in the gardens, on the patios, by the pool or at the Being Sculpture, meditation has never been easier on location at Villa Being.

Do Yoga

Whether its yoga overlooking the Caribbean Sea; yoga on the beach; yoga surrounded by birds, breeze and beauty; yoga in the gardens; or even yoga under the stars; Villa Being offers fantastic and unexpected locations for the best yoga experiences. Enjoy this ancient discipline in stylish and natural settings that will transcend your soul and transform your mind while you train your body.

Go Goat Racing

If you’re fortunate to be in Tobago during the Easter break, then you’re in for a treat. Experience the annual Buccoo Goat Race Festival. Tobago is one of the only places on the planet that races goats. And it’s the only animal race where the jockey has to be as fast and as fit as the contender. In this event, Jockeys and their goats, race on a 100-yard (300 feet) grass field. Jockeys and their goats may train for months before participating in this event. Goats have their own stables, owners, trainers, jockeys and steeds. These goats are even given names like Rum Punch, Diplomatic Cat, and Red Lace. Spectators get a chance to bet on their favourites. Jockeys, dressed in white shorts and coloured t-shirts, run barefoot alongside their goats, holding on to their steeds, while coaxing to the finish line.

Learn to Paint

We love art. That’s why you’d see an array of paintings and art pieces on display throughout Villa Being. And the Caribbean boasts of many talented fine artists. Why not learn to paint with one of these very talented artists on site at Villa Being. Our artists will provide the paint, canvas and brushes. Villa Being will provide the stroke of nature and a brush of class to make your paintings come to life. Let us know ahead of your arrival and we’ll make the arrangements.
villa being living room

Read a Book

Why not catch up on some reading. Choose from our wide selection of fictional and non-fictional books or bring your own.

Make Your Own Chocolate

We all love chocolate. And our very own Carlina, your Housekeeper during your stay at Villa Being, is one of Tobago’s finest chocolatiers. Using organic ingredients, no milk and no gluten, Carlina crafts her chocolates by hand using traditional Caribbean techniques and adding her own modern twist. She is a qualified chemist and an experienced cook. Combine those ingredients with her love for her family and her Caribbean flair and that creates the ideal recipe for fine chocolate. When you stay at Villa Being, not only will you get the chance to enjoy Carlina’s chocolates, you’d also get the opportunity to learn how to make your very own.

Get Fit with Agro-Aerobics

Villa Being is situated on an 11-acre organic fruit estate so it’s an ideal location to get some agro-aerobics done. With agro-aerobics you get your much-needed exercise, fresh air and free-form movement. This certainly beats running in one spot on a treadmill in an air-conditioned gym. Get your muscles moving, your blood pumping and bones bending. And there’s nothing like getting your hands dirty to clear your mind. Be one with nature. Plant a tree. Till the soil. Rake the leaves. Prune a plant. Get some fresh air. And end it all off by picking your own fruits for breakfast.

Eat Fresh

The opportunity to eat fresh is easy at Villa Being. On our 11-acre organic fruit estate there are a variety of fruit trees, wholesome herbs and leafy vegetables. Our estate is nature pure. The only ingredients that go into our estate farming is sunshine, fresh air, unpolluted rainfall and natural soil. There are no fertilizers, no pesticides and no artificial ingredients.

Clean eating / eating fresh is one of the ways you can ensure that your body stays both strong, lean and fit. You will also discover that clean eating does not have to be expensive. Make a commitment to eat fresh starting with your stay at Villa Being.



Oxygen is life. And breathing is being. So, getting fresh, clean air is the path to healthy living. Villa Being is tucked away in a verdant hillside overlooking the Caribbean Sea. It is miles away from the city. And is surrounded by lush vegetation that is annexed to the oldest forest reserve in the Western Hemisphere. So fresh air is in abundance. Take time to stop and inhale. Rejevunate your senses. Revitalize your body. And just breathe.

Watch Birds

Birds, Birds and more Birds. At Villa Being, you will be able to view some of Tobago’s famous birds and indigenous species. You may even awake to the unmistakable call of the Cocorico, the national bird of Tobago. And If you are lucky, you may even see this extraordinary large, brown bird perched on one of the trees in front of Villa Being. For a guide to the Birds of Tobago, please refer to our Birds of Trinidad and Tobago guide, still the best available.

Swim in the Sea

There are many beaches in Tobago to choose from. From the Nylon Pool at Pigeon Point to Englishman’s Bay, Castara, Parlatuvier, Charlottesville and Pirate’s Bay in the North Coast. In addition, our nearest beach is the very secluded Turtle Bay. The walk takes no more than about 10 minutes, and it is well worth it. You will almost always have this beach to yourselves, and it offers wonderful swimming and an untouched reef for snorkelling. At certain times of the year, between April and August, Leatherback Turtles come to lay on this beach, particularly at night. You can also try the beach at Arnos Vale, also a 10-minute walk.

Just Be

Just let your hair down. Villa Being offers a worry-free, hurry-free and stress-free environment. Enjoy peace, quiet and pure privacy. Rediscover how to just BE!