Guest Reviews

Sean & Vanitaa

The “Height of Being” villa truly met/exceeded my expectations. The villa was very clean, and all the appliances were fully functional. The staff were very, very friendly and checked in with me periodically to ensure that everything met my standards. The food/hospitality from chefs Jonathan and Nigel was amazing and the way that they treat their guests make me so proud to say I come from Trinidad & Tobago. My wife and I were not able to explore the estate as much as we would have liked as out stay was not very long, so we plan on doing so the next time we come here.

I would recommend “Height of Being” to others, but I really would prefer NOT give away Tobago’s best secret villa.

Tricia & Colin

This is one of the best  places I have ever stayed!! The ambience is second to none and so are the views. Thank you so much for the wonderful hospitality of Chef and CJ.

We will certainly be back!

Gwen & Kenneth

The sound of the waves. The view of the ocean… A much needed respite from our current COVID scenario. Thank you for making my birthday celebration a memorable one. Special thanks to Carlina for the lovely meals.

Sabeeta, Chris, Keegan & Shauden from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

“Being”- A little piece of heaven, that’s the first thoughts I had when I entered this villa.

The tranquility is absolutely priceless. I cannot remember the last time I felt this relaxed. The sense of “being” you go into here, almost makes you wish the rest of the world felt like this. It’s an escape from reality. Sincere thanks to Auliana, Christian and the Being team for creating this piece of heaven on earth. Our stay has been truly memorable.

Suzy & Andy

This was the best surprise that I ever had in my entire life. I had no idea, and the best part is that it just kept getting better and better. Thank you so much for the lovely time, scenery and I just love the shower, surrounded by all this beautiful nature. Not to mention the food. We had a fantastic time. I cannot wait for the day that we could return.

The Wade Family

What can one possibly say?? Words are nowhere near sufficient to describe our 8 days in this paradise. It was a perfect place for a Dad to get very close to his 2 kids. A big thank you to Tammy, Agnes, Ian, Daniel, Rob Lee, Chris, Leroy and especially Auliana for making this special experience so unforgettable!

Lisa & George, Canada

Awe-inspiring, invigorating and rejuvenating. There are truly no words that can express the tranquility of this place. You are one with nature here. No limitations (especially with the shower) and no boundaries (free reign of this paradise). Should be a recommended supplement by all doctors. Keep this place alive!!

Janet & Derek, United Kingdom

Thank you so much for making this the perfect holiday. Derek had the best birthday ever, with all his family and being treated like “Royalty”. We have so many memories, the lobster (delicious), the fabulous birthday cake, the excellent hospitality of the staff, especially Marilyn and Petra and Ian. The views were amazing and so was the ‘shower’.


Villa Being, a place to be me! How wonderful the air, the feeling, the chance to live in freedom to be, not to be caught up with the small things of life. But to live with all of the possibilities of life to be free…to be me. Thanks. Lots of love.

The Wooler Family

I am leaving Tobago and Villa Being, feeling truly inspired. My Being experience has not ended. I’m taking so many ideas and memories home to England that will continue to remind me this was not a one off. It will become my way of life (with much imagination and inspiration). P.S. Marylyn, those soups were to die for. A fantasy of “Follies”, an experience not to be missed and, after 45 years, the people of Tobago are as warm and friendly as ever. Thank you Marilyn, Petra and staff.

Neil and Andrenia

Dear Team,

Very good experience. A remarkable stay with a view of the ocean second to none. Awesome location. Special mention and thanks to Joie-Marie and Devern for their impeccable service. Keep up the good work.

Ina & Martin - Stockholm, Sweden

February 4, 2024

Thank you for everything! The view, the fantastic pool, the beach down the hill and a special thanks to Devern who helped us with everything. ❤️ We’ve been here a week, our favorite parts:

• Pirate Bay – walk all the 200 steps down to the beach or take a boat from Charlotteville
• Cacao Estate & Argyle Waterfall – get to know how chocolate is made and then take a short walk in the rainforest to the highest and most beautiful waterfall in Tobago – don’t miss!
• Adventure Farm – just down the hill. Don’t miss! – best restaurants – Seahorse Inn in Blackrock, Caribbean Kitchen in Castara and Havana Cafe at Bacolet Beach Club, Scarborough.

We’ll be back!

Roxanne & Heather

December 18, 2023 

What a wonderful place to get away from it all! Our too-short stay included a fabulous massage & then a wonderfully cooked meal! We also had time for Healing with horses and if you are a lobster fan like myself, do yourself a favour and book a meal at The Seahorse Inn. Tobago has so much to offer! Pristine perfect views and serene sunsets made our stay in one word – perfect!

Rick & Bev

Oct 21st – 24th 2023.

This was the vacay we were looking for. Very peaceful, great views & views. Fantastic sunsets & sunrises!

Warm hospitality from our host Devern and had the tasty breakfast (Team Local 😉) !

We were truly at the “Heights of Being”.

Priya & Steffan

September 25th, 2023

Very intimate and private away from the busy town. Didn’t want to leave today. Excellent customer service. Will be back!


Jacqueline & Chez

September 14th – 13th, 2023

We had the whole place to ourselves! Magical! The view is incredible, being surrounded by nature while having all the modern comforts of life was amazing! Would definitely recommend! Thank you for a once in a lifetime experience!

C + D Gibbs

24th August 2023

Our time spent at “Height of Being” was truly amazing. It was beyond our expectation and everything just seemed to be perfect, from the welcoming gesture by Mr. Kevon & Mr. Devern, to the breathtaking scenery (i.e. the architectural design & the beautiful ocean view), and also the mouthwatering dishes from chef Nigel made us feel at home.

Our anniversary/birthday spent here will be an unforgettable one and we will highly recommend it to anyone.

Until next time.

Jason N. & Family

27 July 2023

This was my family’s second visit to Villa Being. We spent an amazing 6 days at Height of Being! Devern was amazing and took excellent care of us. Nothing was too much. Our family felt safe and appreciated.

Every morning Chef Nigel prepared tasty and mouth-watering dishes to our liking. Chef Nigel – Thank you for an unforgettable culinary experience!
Since our last stay at height of being (December 2022-8 days) we have seen tremendous improvements at the property. The private driveway has been well manicured with good lighting. Thank you to the management for considering all feedback.

I would also like to recommend a solution to the doors and windows that leaked during a heavy downpour or two, perhaps a simple rubber strip to the bottom of the door would solve the issue.

Thanks again to Devern, Nigel & Tinelle for taking excellent care of my family. We will be returning a third time!

Marvin & Stephanie Caesar

14th May 2023


My husband and I could not ask for a better way to spend a lovely weekend to celebrate our 10th Wedding Anniversary. This place is absolutely AMAZING! Something straight out of the movies. A very romantic setting with views of the sea and sunset.

We are extremely grateful for this experience and will surely return! We would like to express our gratitude to Tinelle and Devern (apologies if I spelt the names wrong). They were both so hospitable and accommodating.

Thank you again and may God through his Son Jesus Christ continue to Bless you All. This Villa gem is truly a piece of heaven, here on earth.