Outdoor Dining

Enjoy dining in style. Enjoy an exquisite meal in our outdoor dining area. Whether you choose to eat inside or outside, enjoy our spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea.


While the Height of Being offers peace and quiet, we also want you to have peace of mind. We know that being able to communicate with your loved ones and to keep up-to-date with your affairs are important to you. This is why the Height of Being offers excellent Wi Fi service at no extra charge. Just ask us how to get access on your own portable computer device.

Fully Equipped Kitchen

Our kitchen comes equipped with, stove, refrigerator and microwave. Also available upon request is our personal chef who can prepare meals to your specification using only the finest local ingredients. As can be expected alfresco dining is a must at the Height of Being.

Fire up the Grill

If Cooking indoors is not your thing, why not fire up the grill. Being has a top-of-the-line outdoor gas grill. So, whether its BBQ chicken, sausages, fish or grilled steaks, why not do it in style. Being provides outdoor living at its best!

National Geographic Snorkel Gear

Whether you’re an avid snorkeler or just starting out, our state-of-the-art National Geographic snorkel gear will ensure that your snorkeling adventures are done in comfort and style. Just ask our team and we’d help you pick out the size and style that just right for you. And don’t worry, there’s no additional cost for the use of the snorkel equipment.