Deluxe Ocean View Room


Our Caribbean Room does exactly what its name dictates; you truly feel that you are in the Caribbean when you stay in this room. The six colonial-style bay windows open out to the Caribbean Sea. Imagine waking up and opening your eyes and the first thing you see is blue – blue sea and blue sky. There’s nothing that puts you in a better mood, well, maybe getting the same experience while also waking up in the arms of the one you love. Nothing can beat that.

This room also comes with a loft that overlooks the gardens. There’s a desk where you can sit, relax and read your latest novel. There’s also a sofa-bed in case you have an additional guest. This room is not air conditioned, but it’s really not needed. The strong sea breezes provide a cool environment to the lull off at night. But if that’s not enough, don’t worry, there’s a ceiling fan that gives added breeze if required.

Anyone who has ever seen the en suite bathroom for the Caribbean Room always go, “Wow!” Imagine sitting on the proverbial ‘throne’ and enjoying a view of the sky above or the sea below. That’s the experience you get in this bathroom. And in the shower, you can literally reach out and touch the nearby plum tree or soak up some sunshine. This gives a completely different definition to sun bathing.