Villa Being Activities

  • Bird-watching / Birding–With more than 220 native species of bird, it is hardly surprising that Tobago attracts bird watchers from around the world. But there’s no need to venture far away. Wake up to the calls of our on-site flock of Coco-Ricos (Tobago’s national bird) or be on the look out for the fleeting hummingbirds. And if you’re lucky you’ll get to experience the Blue Jays taking a bath at the infinity pool.
  • Bat Watching –At sunrise or sunset experience the nesting rituals of our small residentcolony of friendly bats. Don’t worry they don’t bite. They are quite playful actually. Just picture them as tiny puppies with wings.
  • Cooking Class (only available when using Chef services) – If cooking is your passion,then you’re in for a treat. Our Chef will show you the keys to whipping up just about any Tobago dish of your choosing.
  • Doing nothing–If doing nothing is what you consider to be the ultimate holiday, then the peace, tranquility and seclusion that Villa Being provides will definitely meet with your approval.
  • Estate Tour – Get a guided tour around our organic fruit estate or just wander off by yourself and discover your inner farmer.
  • Games for the family – choose from our selection of family-friendly games. Make any game adult oriented by just adding some Trinidad rum.
  • Movies for the family – choose from our selection of family-friendly movies (some movies are also available in German). Enjoy your flick in surround-sound style on our Bose Entertainment System.

  • Music CDs for indoor and outdoor enjoyment – from Jazz to Hip Hop, Classical to Calypso, Reggae to Rhythm & Blues – Villa Being’s music selection caters to all genre preferences.
  • Nature walks to the neighboring villages – Explore some of the nearby trails and visit parts of Tobago that few visitors ever get to see.
  • Reading – Bring your own or choose from our selection of English and German titles ranging from Dostoyevsky to Dan Brown and everything in between.
  • Shiatsu & Swedish Massages – Combining ancient and modern techniques, our masseur John delivers one of the best massage experiences on island. Through his firm but magical touch he has been claimed to remarkably revive the drooping spirit, awaken the senses and enliven the body.
  • Skinny dipping (full privacy provided) – Bare it all and enjoy a liberating experience at our salt-water infinity pool.
  • Snorkeling (equipment provided) – The nearby Turtle Bay provides beautiful reefs for an unforgettable snorkeling experience. Tobago on a whole provides lots of other snorkeling opportunities as well. Just ask us where to find the best spots on the island.
  • Stargazing / Sky-watching–Away from the blinding city lights, Villa Being offers the perfect opportunity to get lost in the stars. Just turn off all the lights, turn up the music and grab your partner for a romantic night of stargazing and moonlight dancing.
  • Sun bathing–Looking to soak up some Caribbean sunshine? Then Villa Being is the best spot for you. And if tan lines are a turn off, then don’t worry, birthday suits can be worn for a seamless, all-over body tan.
  • Swimming–Enjoy swimming at two close by beaches or choose from among the many popular beaches in Tobago such as Pigeon Point, Store Bar or Englishman’s Bay (if you don’t mind a short commute).
  • Turtle watching (between March and July) –Enjoy a midnight hike to nearby Turtle Bay to look out for nesting leatherback and hawksbill turtles. Available on request only.
  • Yoga / Tai Chi (at the Being meditation site or choose your own spot) – Immerse yourself in nature to create your own enlightening Yoga /Tai Chi / Meditation experience that only Villa Being’s ambiance could provide.

Other Activities in Tobago:


    • Beach combing – Drive along the north coast of Tobago from Crown to Charlotte Ville and take a dip in the dozens of beaches that span the coastline. Enjoy a swim with the Parrot Fish at Englishman’s Bay, take in the spectacular view of Parlatuvier or descend the 155 steps into the amazingly beautiful Pirates Bay.
    • Biking – Tobago’s hilly terrain creates a mountain bikers perfect dream. Recommended for those who love a good challenge.
    • Day cruises – There are many sailboats and yachts offering day tours of the island from out at sea. Wave at your family and friends as you pass by Villa Being, which is tucked away in the side of the mountain and is only visible from sea or air.
    • Glass bottom boat tour– Take a tour of the Buccoo Reef or swim in the world famous Nylon Pool from one of many glass bottom boats departing Pigeon Point or Store Bay.
    • Water sports– Tobago has a wide range of water sports (parasailing, windsurfing, jet skiing, canoeing/kayaking, banana boating) available mainly at Pigeon Point.
    • Diving – Tobago’s exciting drift diving will guarantee a holiday to remember. Our comprehensive articles on scuba diving will steer you to the best diving on the island – and the best dive services with which to do it.
    • Fishing – Interested in offshore or inshore fishing? You’ve come to the right place. Whether it’s the famous flying fish or open water Marlins, there’s plenty of fish in Tobago’s waters to attract fishermen. Or just walk with your pole and head down to the gulley beneath Villa Being for your own fishing expedition.
    • Goat and Crab Racing (Easter Break) – If you happen to be in Tobago for the Easter break then treat yourself to two of Tobago’s unique sporting events –Goat and Crab Racing. Be a spectator, bet on your favorite goat or if you’re fit, jockey your own crab for a chance to be Tobago’s Crab Racing Champion. But regardless of what you decide to do you will definitely have a blast.
    • Golf – Tobago has two challenging and attractive golf courses.
    • Hiking – With lots of mountains, hills and lush rain forests there’s plenty of hiking opportunities in Tobago. Just ask us and we will arrange a guide for you to a location of your choice such as Argyle or the Mot Mot Trail.


  • Horseback Riding – Ever been horseback riding barefoot along the beach or in the water? Then Tobago’s horseback riding will create a memorable holiday experience for you. No need to have been horseback riding before. Newbies are welcome.
  • Visiting waterfalls – Tobago boasts a number of lovely waterfalls.  One of the main waterfall attractions that you cannot miss is Argyle Waterfalls. Reputed to be one of the most pristine and beautiful waterfalls in this corner of the universe, these falls flow with a serene power – a power that soothes the world-weary spirit and caresses the body with the hands of a gentle masseuse.Argyle Waterfall is a scenic 25 kilometre drive from Scarborough, the capital of Tobago.
  • Get Young Again at Tobago’s Famed Nylon Pool– The Nylon Pool, so named by Queen Elizabeth II, for its crystal clear qualities, is touted to have rejuvenating qualities. But beware! It is said that those who bathe there are destined to return to Tobago one way or another.
  • Sites and Attractions: Visit dozens of sites and attractions such as Mystery Tomb in nearby Plymouth
  • Nightlife at: The Shade, Sunday School, Bar Code, Jade Monkey, etc.