About Being

A Villa with People as its Foundation

Villa Being in Tobago, is one of the most luxurious holiday accommodation villas in the Caribbean. It features modern architecture and cunning design that create a perfect marriage between the indoor and outdoor spaces. But more that just bricks and buildings, Being is built with people as its foundation. Being is the creation of Trinidadian-born Dr. Auliana Poon – a strong believer that there needs to be a cure to the common holiday.

Being is more than a product or a philosophy.  It is a truly exceptional holiday experience created by a truly exceptional team.  The idea is to put the guest in charge of the experience and to deliver a perfectly tailor-made experience in an outstanding Caribbean setting, taking full advantage of nature, the climate, the sea and the beautiful surroundings. Being combines modern and elegant architecture, an idyllic natural environment, breath-taking scenery and complete privacy to create a wonderful experience for the discerning vacationer.

The land on which Being is located was bought by Auliana and her mother in 1989 and it took a full 10 years before Being was created.  First came the small, wooden, yellow gate-house – still standing – where great holidays were made, planting the land and getting to know the local community.  Auliana’s father (fondly known a Pappi in the neighbourhood) also spent some years in Tobago after his retirement in 1990. He planted many of the trees that are on the estate. He is especially proud of the two immortelle trees in the valley that were brought from Belize as seeds.

Auliana worked very closely with her sister Roseline in developing Being and was also inspired by her husband, Christian. Auliana wanted to demonstrate, most of all, that tourism in the Caribbean can be done differently – and it can be indeed sustainable.  Consider that the acreage on which Being is located would normally accommodate a 100-room hotel!

The name Being is also a departure from traditional hotel names.  At Being, just let your hair down – no worry, no hurry, no stress. Enjoy the peace, quiet and pure privacy.